Purpose: 5 Steps to Discover Your God-given Purpose within a Christian Leadership Program

We all have a common desire to know our true purpose in life; however, many of us are still determining how we will discover it. Unfortunately, culture tends to emphasize our career as a representative of our true purpose, and we find our identity in our job titles. With this mindset, we seek to discover our purpose through vocational assessments or finding a career counselor to help us. Our culture equates purpose with mastery of skills and competencies. Thus, success is measured by our ability to build our careers bigger, better, and faster. Our purpose then becomes performance-based and leads us further from God’s true purpose for our lives. We cannot find our true God-given purpose without seeking God first. God’s true purpose for our lives is much bigger than our job title and as we seek God for this answer we will discover His true purpose for us.

Cultivate Leadership Institute (CLI) is a remote learning environment that utilizes biblical principles as the foundation for helping people discover their purpose. CLI is a Christian Leadership Program that equips individuals to become mature, healthy leaders through instruction, training, and guidance. The vision of CLI is to guide these leaders to become the best versions of themselves through learning their God-given purpose. CLI utilizes several tools to guide leaders into living out their purpose. These include reflection, dependence, awareness, community, and application.


As we start discovering our purpose, we must begin by reflecting on who we are and the gifts God gave us. CLI creates a space for this reflection through guiding questions and assignments that allow individuals to recognize their strengths and personality traits. Individuals spend dedicated time reflecting on their unique leadership qualities, which in turn aids them in learning more about their purpose.


CLI encourages leaders to rely on God in every professional and personal situation. Unfortunately, it is easy to believe we can “do it ourselves” or use our own strength and energy to find answers. This is a trap we fall into while we search for our purpose and does not provide fruitful results. CLI teaches leaders to go to God first and depend on Him for their next steps in leadership. As Matthew 6:33 states, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” God will guide our steps toward our purpose if we humble ourselves and practice consistent dependence on Him. The Christian life is not a life of independence but of dependence on God.

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CLI equips leaders to establish a practice of self-awareness so they can recognize their patterns and assess the next steps. As leaders, we must first be aware of changes that need to be made before making them. Awareness comes from creating a rhythm of spiritual practices, such as silence, solitude, prayer, or the daily examen. CLI teaches these practices in class and models them on the personal prayer retreat. As leaders adopt these new spiritual practices and create a healthy life rhythm, they experience more time with God to hear about His plans for their purpose in life.


We need others to support and encourage us when we pursue our God-given purpose. CLI provides this through interactive instructors and equip groups. CLI offers live classes and the instructors are available outside of class time to process, pray, and support individuals in their areas of growth. Equip groups are small groups within the larger class that offer a supportive community to aid in developing leadership skills. God created us to live in community and engaging with the CLI team allows leaders a space to grow in their purpose. Individuals only truly develop in the context of relationships.


CLI is an interactive leadership program where individuals can apply the material and share their experiences in class. A benefit of being part of a Christian leadership course is that we are surrounded by like-minded individuals who can offer wise feedback as we practice living in our purpose. Leaders are continually developing and growing in their skills. CLI creates a space to set application goals and then return to re-evaluate, adjust, and apply the material again.