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A leadership content platform designed for the modern learner.

Develop.Me is a platform designed to empower your leadership development process. Available on the web and iOS.
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How is CLI using Develop.Me?

The Cultivate Leadership Institute (CLI) utilizes all the features of Develop.Me to provide a seamless and branded learning experience. By housing all its lessons and courses on the platform, CLI ensures a cohesive and engaging environment for both students and staff. Develop.Me also offers robust tools for students to easily connect with their teachers and administrative staff, meeting the needs of the next generation in a digital space.

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Who else is using Develop.Me?

Churches & Pastors

Christian Business Owners


Two Ways to Use Develop.Me

Use with your own branding
Experience 1

Use Our Leadership Curriculum

In this option, churches and organizations have the ability to enroll individuals in the Cultivate Leadership Institute curriculum while utilizing their branding.
Use with your own branding
Experience 2

Use Your Leadership Curriculum

In this option, churches and organizations have the ability to create, build and upload their own leadership development curriculum and utilize their branding.

Effective & Efficient Leadership Development.

Course Management

Content managers can easily create interactive courses and manage them effectively.

Social Interaction

Users can stay connected socially through private group text threads, interactive learning through assignments and live classes.


Users are encouraged to stay engaged by notifications through text, email, or push notifications.

Secure Payments

Users can make secure payments quickly through Develop.Me.

What our users have to say.

“I have enjoyed learning with the Develop.Me app!”
Develop.Me has been a great way to develop leaders in our church, especially the younger generation because it is how they learn. It is definitely on the cutting edge of education and appeals to the businessman as well as the stay-at-home mom and everything in between. If you are looking to raise up leaders this is the tool to use.
Martha & Matt Fry
Founders & Pastors | C3 Church
“I would highly recommend the Develop.Me software to anyone who wants to experience real growth.”
It is often difficult to find a way to create healthy accountability for people regarding their personal efforts to read, learn, and grow. It is equally difficult to find structured leadership programs that produce long-lasting growth and development and that have content that is relevant and applicable to their roles in leadership. The Develop.Me software accomplishes all of these things better than anything else I’ve found.
Rick Raiford
Senior Executive Pastor | Definition Church
This app has taken the learning experience
to an all new level!
I’m a business owner & CLI student who has personally utilized Develope.Me app. This is an effective tool to develop the leaders in my organization. It has a clean design, it's intuitive and easy to navigate.
Shane Beal
President | Eurohaus