Ministry Track

In Ministry Track, you will explore various areas of ministry to discover your unique passion and gifting. This will help you discover your role and know where God is calling you to serve. This track will incorporate the aspects of our Leadership Track, along with ministry specific training, so that you can apply relevant leadership skills to your leadership context.

I'm interested
  • Explore Ministry. Ministry Track is a safe environment designed to introduce you to many different types of ministry. Exploration is pivotal in helping you discover where you want to serve.

  • Character Development. Skills can place individuals on a stage, but character is what keeps them there. Ministry Track is designed to help you develop Christ-like character through studying how to lead like Jesus.

  • Spiritual Guidance. Experienced instructors help you determine your unique gifts and ministry function. Once these are discovered, you are guided to practical next steps in your ministry calling.

Monthly Course Cost

The Ministry Track is a 24 month program.
Each course is one month.
Ministry Track includes Leadership Track courses.

 Course Fee: $225

Leadership Track Courses

Year One Courses

Lead 100

Emotional Intelligence & Time Management

Lead 101

Being An Ideal Team Player

Lead 102

Group Dynamics

Lead 103

Leadership Character

Lead 104

Leadership Priorities

Lead 105

Leadership That Lasts

Lead 106

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Lead 107

Managing Leadership Anxiety

Lead 108


Lead 109

Theology Basics

Lead 110

Developing Your Spiritual Practices

Lead 111

Empowerment of the Holy Spirit

Year two Courses

Lead 200

Crucial Conversations

Lead 201

Effective Communcation

Lead 102

The Power of Moments

Lead 203

The Vision Driven Leader

Lead 204

Problem Solving

Lead 205

Strategic Thinking

Lead 206


Lead 207

Atomic Habits

Lead 208

Peak Performance

Lead 209

Leading Change

Lead 210

Redemptive Leadership

Lead 211

Extraodinary Leadership

Ministry Track Courses

Year One Courses

Min 100

Leadership Structure

Min 101

Pastoral Leadership

Min 102

Discipleship  & Mentoring  &  Coaching

Min 103

Ministry to Families & Children

Min 104

Ministry to Families & Students

Min 105

Millennial & Gen Z Leadership

Min 106

Worship & Services

Min 107

Public Speaking & Sermon Preparation

Min 108

Leading Spiritual Growth

Min 109

Organizational Leadership

Min 110

Personal Financial Management & Planning

Min 111

Ministry Calling & Gifting

Year two Courses

Min 200

Developing Your Leadership Timeline

Min 201

Personal Ministry Philosophy

Min 102

Creating Your Ministry Legacy

Min 203

Biblical Leadership Models

Min 204

God's Shaping Work

Min 205

Transformative Leadership

Min 206

The Five Roles & Functions of Church Leadership

Min 207

Discovering Your Role & Function

Min 208

Building A Balanced Leadership Structure

Min 209

The Heart & Head of a Servant Leader

Min 210

The Hands & Habits of a Servant Leader

Min 211

Leading Like Jesus

"CLI has had an incredible impact on my life. It has produced confidence in me that I didn't know was there. I now have confidence that God is going to do all that he has promised to do in my life. I have seen it come to pass in front of my eyes."

Mike Fritts

Pastor, Definition Church

"CLI has changed me over the past year. It helped me discover what my strengths and passions. I was doing a lot of different things that I enjoyed, but this process helped me figure out how to combine my passions and strengths to be effective in ministry. CLI helped me narrow down my focus by teaching me to say "no" to things that are good but don't benefit me and say "yes" to the things that matter."

Hannah Mould

Child Trauma Specialist Coordinator at Guilford County Family Justice Center

Our Instructors

Our Ministry Track instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in ministry. They desire to be your guide as you develop and grow in your unique ministry role.

Dr. Eric Freeman
D.Min, M.Div, B.A.
Dr. Allen Holmes
D.Min, M.Div, B.A.
Jonathan Stutts
M.Div, B.S.
Kim Crawford
Parker Jones
Steve Rozema
Chelsea Harvey
Dr. Reggie McNeal
Ph.D., M.Div, B.A.
Dr. Rodney Cooper
Ph.D.,Th.M., B.A., M.A.
Rick Raiford
M.Div, M.B.A., B.S.

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